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Mark and Alex: an AU is born

Not many people know this, but ec_journals is an AU of an AU of... well, it's an AU of a Mark/Alex AU of la_journals which is a community born from sv_journals which is an AU of Smallville.

Mark and Alex first met at the end of September in 2003 after Alex read this post in which Mark reveals that the guy he'd had a date with, Raoul, treated him like a hooker.

Alex had been reading Mark's journal, college_model, and decided to give him a call. They talked briefly and then had cyber/phone sex; Mark was on instant messenger, Alex was instant messaging by talking through his cell phone. I'm not quite sure how that works ;)

Anyway, this is the RP that started a collection of RPs that eventually led to ec_journals. The difference between the EC and la_journals and this Mark/Alex AU is that there's no hurt-comfort. A little bit of angst, a lot of porn. We started it for fun, for ourselves, and it evolved into EC journals.

As they say... the rest is history.

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Mark AU idea Pygmalion/My Fair Lady

This is kind of really loosely inspired by the fact that Mark's with Bobby in one AU (and Danny, but for this premise he isn't a factor, you'll see why in a bit) and Lex in another, plus a few rather, er, cliched storylines and a brief RP AU we played in once.

Okay. Premise for the AU: Mark is a stripper (or an exotic dancer if it's a more high class place which it might have to be), probably using the money for college of course. He does not sleep with clients for money (this isn't another rentboy AU, much fun as one of those might be). A rich, older client of the club takes an interest in him, becoming basically Mark's Professor Higgins, or to go back into mythology, his Pygmalion (which is how I'll refer to him for convenience - it isn't his name). He educates (in the learning sense of the word) our Mark, and Mark falls for him. Pygmalion thinks it's about money and education, and maybe sex (see below for why it's not necessarily sex) and Mark has to prove that it's not before Pygmalion can believe there's more to it.

Ideas and thoughts, some of which contradict each other.

By older, I mean late thirties/early forties. For a vague actor template, I'm kinda picturing Jimmy Smits or William Petersen at the high end, Jason Connery at the low end. He's rich, old money, hasn't got to think about how he's going to live.

I'm thinking he's divorced, and maybe not necessarily gay or bi at all until Mark (which would give Mark the chance to be the teacher in that area, and maybe set them on a more equal footing, and is why it's not necessarily about sex), or he experimented as a young man but hasn't been with a man in a long time. See what I mean about contradictions? Also, I'm thinking that regardless of Pygmalion's sexuality, he has no sexual motive whatsoever for Mark's training, he really does do it out of the goodness of his heart - and maybe for the challenge.

Also maybe he has children, maybe even (if he's old enough) one near Mark's age. Which could be good or bad for various scenarios. I'd rather not have the child try to seduce Mark, particularly if it's a boy, too...something. I could be persuaded to some UST with a girl.

Anyway, it's sort of only half-formed, but the main premise is the rich guy teaching Mark about society stuff, the My Fair Lady/Pygmalion scenario.
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Russ and Tommy

Mark/Dave AU

This AU is completely independent of Smallville. Mark looks like a version of Tom Welling, but that's where the similarities end.

In this AU, Mark and Dave have been sleeping together since Hallowe'en, and sleeping together exclusively since the middle of January. Unlike the other AUs, Mark is not unfamiliar with fucking since high school, and he has never met or heard of Danny, Bobby, or Alex. This Mark is a sophomore in college, pursuing a modeling job, and Dave is a pre-law senior. They haven't said "I love you" yet, and before this RP, Dave has fucked Mark, but not the other way around. Since they've been exclusive for about a month, they've been tested, and as they tested negative, they don't use condoms.

For Valentine's Day, Mark and Dave went out for dinner and a movie. The RP starts at the end of the movie, since we figure nothing groundbreaking happened during the beginning of the date. Dave (written by the lovely joanne_c) is wearing dark denim jeans, a light blue sweater and a white t-shirt under it; Mark (written by yours truly) is wearing dark blue jeans, a black shirt, and a lightweight red jacket.

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model behavior - digitalwave (any Mark)

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Here's the deal. An original character named Mark was created to interact with tabloidboy on sv_journals, a slash-based RPG community for characters from the WB series Smallville. After servicing tabloidboy, Mark went on to live his own angst-filled adventures, which continue to be chronicled at college_model. Two other original characters have been created to interact with him in real life.

We thought it would be interesting to pair Mark with a different Lex, a Lex from Season 3 of Smallville, after Asylum, so we created justaprettyface and alex_edge. This alternate Mark universe has taken off with ec_journals, and continues to get more interesting with every entry.

The problem - or perhaps the fun thing - is that we keep coming up with interesting AUs for Mark to be in. A different time, a different place, a different romantic interest, a Mark who accepted Raoul's offer to prostitute for him full time or one who never met Raoul at all.

That's what this community is for. A place to archive ideas for AUs that Mark could be in. There are endless possibilities and anyone is welcome to share their input. Comments on suggested AUs are welcome, as are follow-up posts and RPs if anyone wishes to write and post them. I created Mark but if someone thinks they have a feel for Mark and wants to play him in an RP with one or more other characters, feel free. Consider this the Mark Archive, a place for readers to slash, het, or gen Mark just as we write about the characters of Smallville.

I will archive the AUs by universe, so that people can go back to them for reference if they wish to make followup posts after certain universes have been introduced. I will also post facts about Mark's background and character for your reference. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or contact me at rpg_model.
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